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Sex toys are meant to be a pleasurable way to add excitement to your sex life. They let you get creative, develop your experiences, and are just downright hilarious sometimes. Unfortunately, sex toys storage is often neglected. Placing them under your mattress, old shoe box or in a drawer just isn`t the move. You don`t want to be putting stuff in or on your body that has hair, dust, germs, or whatever on it. Having all your sex toys stored in a bag or box somewhere means they`re ready when you are, and you won`t need to fumble around trying to find the one you want. Nothing kills the mood quicker than having to blindly feel around under your bed for a vibrator.

Being able to enjoy sex toys is amazing, however, it can`t all be fun and games. Taking care of your toys is an essential part of being an owner. The most vital thing to know when storing your sex toys is they MUST be clean and dry before putting them away. Even though it may look a bit tedious, it`s fast and simple once you know what you`re doing. Besides, it`s a crucial part of safe sex. Storing sex toys that haven`t been cleansed well or are still wet after cleaning can enhance bacterial growth, resulting in infections or skin irritation, as well as the failure of the product.

handcuff sex toys
handcuff sex toys

Using warm soapy water is a professionally qualified way to keep sex toys hygienic. Ensure the soap is made with mild ingredients. Consider looking for sex toys that are IPX7 rated for water resistance, which means that even the charging section will not be affected by so much water while cleaning. After ensuring your sex toys are 100% clean, dry them with a clean cloth or towel. On the other hand, let them air dry on a clean surface.

When it comes to protecting your sex toys from dirt, lint, and unwanted debris; there are plenty of options. The following consist of the top sex toys storage solutions:

  • Adult Sex Toys Storage Bag – For smaller, more delicate adult toys and gentle storage methods. A soft or small case means it`s simple to carry on the go, even if it`s in the car or a bag on a night out while checking out crafty joints on the road.
  • Adult sex toys Storage Box – You`re going to need something like a hard-lid storage case when it comes to more solid and protective storage. Hard cases are awesome for travel as they make sure your toys are protected when your luggage is tossed on a train or plane. Moreover, it`s the perfect travel companion as you can keep your sex toys, chargers, and accessories in one place.
  • Sex toys storage box – If you are one of those who have an impressive toy collection and find it difficult to fit all their goodies into one storage case or bag. For something larger, investing in a storage bin is the best choice. In this way, you can be able to store all your different toys, chargers, accessories, lubricants, and cleaning supplies in one place. Ensure that your toys come in separate boxes or little bags inside the box, so they don`t get dust. If you have a curious child or your pet is looking for a new chew toy, you`ll need a strong box with a lid or consider adding a lock.

Ništa vas ne podiže boljem raspoloženju od mogućnosti da pronađete svoju kutiju ili kutiju seks igračaka. Ipak, potreban vam je jednostavan način da pristupite čemu god želite. Čuvanje vaše torbice, kutije ili torbe ispod kreveta ili na noćnom ormariću je savršeno mjesto za brzo raspoređivanje vaših igračaka u najzačinjenijim vremenima. Nadalje, možete pokušati potražiti nešto diskretnije u ormarićima u spavaćoj sobi ili komodama.

Čak i ako imate posebnu staklenu igračku, jednu silikonsku igračku ili cijeli nered metalnih igračaka, najbolja stvar koju možete učiniti da zaštitite svoju investiciju, malu ili veliku, je da se pobrinete da ih držite u čisto i odlučno mjesto.

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